Apartment (5702)

Mansion (1307)

House (1722)

Bungalow (210)

Office (613)

Restaurant (144)

Shop (1106)

Beauty salon (40)

Land areas (3442)

Other (1079)

Hotel (98)

Car maintenance (107)

About us

  Akcern Real Estate Corporation is a joint-stock company operating in the real estate market in Armenia since 1993, the structure of which includes the full-fledged realtor companies (limited liability companies), legal consultation, service of real estate estimation, design and construction department.
  The Akcern corporation is engaged in all types of operations with real estate - purchase, sale, rent, estimation of apartments, houses, mansions, lands, summer houses, and commercial real estate (industrial facilities, etc.). Besides, the company is engaged also in construction, architecture, design and has a big success in the sphere in recent years.


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